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Sunday, April 25, 2010





Assalaimualaikum, firstly our group want to say thank you to Miss Nina because

help us a lot in term moral support and ideas. Went start during the class Miss Nina

give us a lot of direction about how to cook and how to create and decorate once

menu. It give we all a big impact culture mind. Hopefully with this subject we can

use it when we work because we want to improve and want to come in front of this

stream of culinary arts.


Has an introduction of this assignment, we will explain about our menu. We try to

create puree and cordial of star fruit and Roselle . We do this menu is because

before this we cannot find any product base by star fruit using to make cordial and

puree. The puree will be serve using ice cream. It also can be serve by bread bun

and cookies’.


The objective to do this assignment is to make sure we know more about food

inovation.This assignment is to make sure we understand how the method to create a

new menu.When we going outside to work, we can apply it what we study now. So we can

more understand about this subject. With this subject we also can understand and

face what problem to create a new recipe .

Before event day

A weak before we present our product, all of our group member have ready to start

make our product.We start cook and store our product. A day before I food event our

group meeting together to discuss about the table setting,decoration and how to

present our product

During event day
During the event day.We start to setting our table setup and try to display our

product. During the event we present our product by explain to judge and public..

After the event day

After the event.Our group try to find the problem we happen in the event. What


In the event with face a several problem.Because our roselle and star fruit puree

are serve with ice cream.Without the convince box . We cannot keep the ice cream in

the figure because it melted so fast.So when it melted the taste of the puree are


After we discuss we should have a rite box to put the icream to make sure it melted.

we also need a small refrigarator to make sure our puree in cool.

As a conclusion,with this subject,we now know about the mission and vision of this

subject.We also know a lot of method and idea to create a new recipe.It help us when

we graduate later and going outside to work.In this subject also we find that how to

present our product to public

6:11 PM

Monday, March 29, 2010

rosell and starfruit puree

In this week we are do a new product name starfruit puree.This puree will serve as a ice ceram flavoring.We will show how to make it.

1. 10 no of starfruit
2. 1 packet of rosell
3. 1 kg of sugar
4. 1 no of lemon
5. 1 cup of water

Fisrtly pill the starfuit and blend it

At the same time boil the rosell to get the extract

Put a cup of water and boil it with custard sugar untill it thick

Then mix it with the blanded starfruit and stir it.

Then put the rosell extract untill the water turn to red colour and stir it around 10 minute and lastly put some lemon.

After finish cook the puree put it in chiller around half and hour and it ready to serve with ice cream.

Serve it with vanilla ice cream

7:40 AM

Thursday, March 18, 2010


1.Star fruit
6.Belimbing Besi

In this weak, we are doing star fruit and roselle cordial. Therefore the main ingredient needed are roselle and star fruit.In last weak we cannot make this cordial because we cannot find the roselle because of technical problem.In this weak we add the roselle to complete all ingredient in the cordial and now we show you all the method t make this cordial.

step 1
Wash the star fruit gently and cut the star fruit into peices.

step 2
blend all the starfuit and then strained the starfruit juices in to pot.

step 3
Then we need to melted the sugar and stir it untill dissolved

step 4
Boil the rosell in other pot to get the paste,taste and colour. stir it until red in colour.

step 5

After that strained the roselle water . Then mix the starfruit juice and rosell and add some lemon juice then bring to boil and stir it until thick.

step 6
After the cordial thick, we need to make sure the cordial cool first and it ready to use.

1. The taste of the cordial is sweat and sour.The sweat taste came from fruit and sugar taste.and the sour taste came from rossel and lime.
2. The texture of the cordial is good and thick.
3. the color of the cordial is red light.

12:43 PM

Monday, March 15, 2010

star fruit cordial

1.star fruit

we planned to make star fruit and roselle cordial. therefore the main ingredient needed are roselle and star fruit. since the purchasing department could not get roselle on time for us for our previous class, we had to proceed without roselle. in the previous class we end up making the star fruit cordial instead of the star fruit and roselle cordial.

step 1
Wash the star fruit gently and cut the star fruit into peices.

step 2
put the star fruit into a pot and add water until the star fruit are covered.

bring to boil.

step 3
strain those liquid to get the fruit and liquid separated

step 4
blend the star fruit with a liltle quantity of water.

After that, strained the liquid into a bowl.

boil some water in a pot. add up the sugar. Heat gently until the sugar is dissolved. Stir often.

step 5
once the sugar is dissolved, add the strained liquid and add some lemon juice then bring to boil.

step 6
let the cordial cool before put into bottle.

1. there is less taste of the star fruit in the cordial. so for the next class, we have to get more star fruit to get the real taste.
2. the texture of the cordial is good.
3. the color of the cordial is dull because of the absent of roselle.

5:07 PM

Sunday, March 7, 2010

5th week of food innovation and design

During our second week of doing eggplants chips, we’re trying a bit different method and ingredients from last week.


green eggplant

Method :
1. Slice the eggplants (purple color and green color) and soak in plain water which is mix with salt to avoid the color of eggplants turn into yellowish.

2. Next, when the pan is ready, deep-fry the eggplants until the color turns brown.
3. For this time, the eggplants is still in moist condition exactly as last week experiment. Even we had use the different type of eggplant.

4. However, we are just carried on with what we had planed.
5. But this time we change the chilies with sugar.
6. This are the final product.


color: black but shinning
texture: a bit soggy
taste: sweet

7:31 AM

4th week of food innovation and design

After the proposals approved by miss nina, we finally choose EGG PLANTCHIPS as our product.

The ingredients are,

eye bird chilies
chili sauce

First method:
1. Slice the eggplants and soak in plain water which are mix with salt to avoid the color of eggplants turn into yellowish.

2. Next, when the pan is ready, deep-fry the eggplants until the color turns brown.

3. In the middle of frying it, we found out the eggplants became moist even after we let the eggplants on a greaseproof paper.
4. Then, we followed the suggestion by miss nina to dehydrate the eggplants in the oven in lowest temperature. After about 1 hour, we try to fry the eggplants again.

5. The result remains same. This is because eggplants itself contain a lot of water.
6. To prepare the chilies, we blend the garlic, onion, and eye bird chilies together and fry it. We adjust it with salt and sugar.

7. This is the last product

color> become black and not attactive at all
comment> this product would not be able to sell because of the appearance is so unattractive. the taste is very spicy. the texture is oily.

7:05 AM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3rd clas of food innovation and design

Basic formula – fruit leather

750 gm apples cut into small pieces
25 gm sugar

Puree apple in blender until smooth. Stir in the sugar. Line jelly roll pan with aluminum foil and fasten it to the edges with masking tape. Spread the fruit evenly in the pan. Dry in oven at 140°F (60°C) until completely dry and no longer sticky (approximately 12 hours). Remove from aluminum foil and roll up. Wrap the roll tightly in aluminum foil and store at room temperature in a tightly closed plastic bag or container. Note: apple leather can be made using 1½ lb of apple (peeled, cored, and pureed), 90ml water, 75g sugar, and 0.8g cinnamon.

Fruit leather
a. Control – prepare the basic formula. Note the time required to dry.
b. Honey 140°f (60°C) oven – prepare the basic formula, but substitute 30ml honey for the sugar. Dry in oven at 140°F. note the time required to dry.

chart fruit leather

*cut the apples into small pieces*

*blend the apples together with (sugar and water)and (honey and water)*

*puree apple*

*puree apples dry in oven*

*puree apples with honey*

*puree apples with sugar*

a. Even after 4 hours, the fruit leather is still moist because of the thickness of the puree.
b. The different between the two product is, the taste of the puree with sugar is more sweet then puree with honey.

7:47 AM