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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3rd clas of food innovation and design

Basic formula – fruit leather

750 gm apples cut into small pieces
25 gm sugar

Puree apple in blender until smooth. Stir in the sugar. Line jelly roll pan with aluminum foil and fasten it to the edges with masking tape. Spread the fruit evenly in the pan. Dry in oven at 140°F (60°C) until completely dry and no longer sticky (approximately 12 hours). Remove from aluminum foil and roll up. Wrap the roll tightly in aluminum foil and store at room temperature in a tightly closed plastic bag or container. Note: apple leather can be made using 1½ lb of apple (peeled, cored, and pureed), 90ml water, 75g sugar, and 0.8g cinnamon.

Fruit leather
a. Control – prepare the basic formula. Note the time required to dry.
b. Honey 140°f (60°C) oven – prepare the basic formula, but substitute 30ml honey for the sugar. Dry in oven at 140°F. note the time required to dry.

chart fruit leather

*cut the apples into small pieces*

*blend the apples together with (sugar and water)and (honey and water)*

*puree apple*

*puree apples dry in oven*

*puree apples with honey*

*puree apples with sugar*

a. Even after 4 hours, the fruit leather is still moist because of the thickness of the puree.
b. The different between the two product is, the taste of the puree with sugar is more sweet then puree with honey.

7:47 AM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd week of food innovation and design class

11OG(1c) Flour
60ml(1/4c) Water

In this experiment, we change the flour to bread flour. Use a fork to stir the dough that forms as the water is added to the flour. Add only enough water to make stiff dough. Use less that than 60ml if necessary to make dough. Record the exacts amount of water used. Wait until the dough vigorously for 5 minutes.
Then put the ball into muslin cloth. Hold the wrapped under slow stream water until the water runs clear as it drain from the cloth. When the water look clean. Open the scrape the cream colored scrape together.
Before baking the gluten balls, our members manipulate the various types to experience their elastic and cohesiveness. Then the balls should be weighing. Bake the balls on foil in oven preheated 232°c. After baking 15 minutes ,turn temperature to 150°c and continue baking another 30 minutes. Cool briefly before weighing and measuring the volume. Cut in half to reveal the interior.


1st step

2nd step

final step


Experiment 2- Yeast Bread
OBJECTIVE – Explain the procedure to making yeast dough.
_ Identify of various type of flour.
7g(1pkg) YEAST
118ml WATER AT 35°c

In this experiment we use 200 strokes kneading, with prepare the basic formula, but knead the dough 200 times. Be sure to maintain the same kneading technique and pressure throughout the process. Add yeast to 59ml water in 35°c. Then melt the shortening and then add into yeast water mixture. Then adding flour while mixing slowly with wooden spoon.
Add just enough flour to make a very soft paste. Beat with spatula until smooth. Then add more flour to make smooth, non sticky, rather soft dough. Then place in a bakers large to allow the dough to double in size and cover with aluminum foil.
Let’s rise 30 minutes in a water bath maintained 32°c. Punch dough down after estimating the volume of the risen dough. Return to the water bath and lets rise until double in volume. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 220°c and then bake it for 15minutes.

all the ingredients has been prepared

yeast mixture

add flour into yeast mixture

knead 200 times

punch the dough

shape the dough and bake for 15 minutes

final product

10:31 PM

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1st class of food innovation and design


In our first class.We learn about compare the merits of all purpose and cake flour in preparation of angel cake. In this experiment, we get 2 task to make a cake using basic fomula butomit the cake flour with 15gram corn starch and another one we reduced sugar.

10gram of sugar
15gram of cake flour
41gram of Egg whites
32gram of sugar
0.6 Cream of tartar
0.1gram of Salt

Stir flour and first weight (10g) of sugar together and set aside. Beat the egg white together to the foamy stage, Then put in cream of tartar and salt. Continue beating and adding 32g of sugar. Beat the white until peaks. Sift the 1/4 flour and sugar fold in gently 10 stroke using rubber spatula. Then sift the second ¼ flour sugar mixture over the foam and beat 20 stroke. Put 99g of batter into pan.

The first experiment we prepare the basic fomula, but ornit cake flour and replace with 15g of corn starch and then baked into preheat oven to 350f(177°C) with separate direction baking in 30 minutes. The result is :

The second experiment we prepare the basic fomula, but reduced the sugar. We use only 8g for the first sugar weight and only 26g sugar for the second weight. Then baked into preheat oven to 350f(177°C) with separate direction baking in 30 minutes. The result show that:

6:27 AM